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3 ways to make this Labor Day weekend great

There are only so many three-day weekends during the year and one of them is coming up soon: Labor Day! 

Instead of sitting around the house, doing errands or helping kids with their homework this weekend, hire some help and take a break. Here are three professionals who will allow you to enjoy the long weekend and maybe even take a much needed vacation away from home.

1. Hire a personal assistant

Imagine three days away from the office? You can make it a reality by hiring a personal assistant. An assistant can answer emails, run errands or help set up your Labor Day getaway to the beach.

All that relaxation may even carry over into Tuesday and make you forget about the morning traffic jam. And that leaves us to the next professional you should hire…

2. Chauffeur

Leave stress at home by hiring a chauffeur. In fact, if you hired a personal assistant and a chauffeur you may never be stressed again. The personal assistant could accompany you on your way to work every day, helping you answer emails and make important calls, while you sit back and enjoy the quiet ride in a luxury car.

3. Hire a personal chef

Why cook this weekend when you can have someone do it for you? Not only can Colonial Domestic chefs create some delicious treats, they can also cater to your family's needs. For example, if you're a vegetarian, you can request a chef who is an expert in making meat-free dishes.

If you want to hire a personal chef, a personal assistant or chauffeur, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today! 

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