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3 ways your chauffeur can make your ride home more relaxing

After a long Monday at the office, the last thing you want to do is sit in traffic. Even if you're not driving, the thought of sitting on a never ending straightaway of asphalt increases your anxiety. Sure, you can whip out your laptop and do some work, but what about those days you'd prefer not to answer any more emails?

Unless your chauffeur can fly your car over traffic, both of you need a new plan. Whether you're in a car, SUV or limo, try incorporating the following tips into your daily driving routine. We believe these could help make your morning and evening commutes more enjoyable.

1. Music

Let's start with a simple one: tunes. Instead of listening to heavy metal while sitting in traffic, try listening to something a little bit more soothing. The average commute for Americans is about 25 minutes round trip. Enjoy those minutes by listening to music. A 2013 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that music actually relieves stress .

2. Refreshments

Many vehicles have beverage holders in the back seat. Some luxury cars even have their own coolers. Prior to having your chauffeur pick you up, ask if he or she can stock up your car with your favorite drinks.

3. Experience

If you want a quiet ride, then you'll probably want to hire a chauffeur who isn't chatty. If you like to talk on the way home, you'll want to appoint someone who can keep a great conversation on the way home.

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