4 business travel tips for the fall: Part Two

A personal assistant can help you reduce the stress that often comes along with business traveling. However, make sure he or she is well prepared and  is able to book your trip successfully by adhering to the following tips:

1. Enjoy it!

Traveling can be stressful. You have to worry about booking hotels, reserving flights, figuring out where you're going to eat and coordinating your daily itinerary with your colleagues. Is there any time for fun?

Now, imagine if all of the above could be handled by your personal assistant? The only thing you'd have to worry about is packing and your job which leaves you more time to have fun. Taking some time to enjoy your trip will also help you reduce stress.

2. Keep phone numbers handy

If your personal assistant is traveling with you, ensure he or she always has phone numbers and critical business information handy. If your rental company failed to show up, you'll want to be able to quickly call it. If your flight is canceled, your assistant will have to make some quick phone calls to colleagues.

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