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4 tips for optimizing your job search in 2015

The new year means a new opportunity to make your career goals come true. Whether you're searching for a new career in domestic services, or simply want to polish up your searching and interviewing skills, here is some helpful advice:

Create a professional email address – An email address that is too "cutesy" is an immediate turn off to a prospective employer. Create a more professional email address, preferably one that has your first and last name, so you can correspond with recruiters and potential employers in a mature manner. Consider creating a personal website as well, which will enhance your career and professional appearance.

Make new business cards – Creating business cards with your title can help you land a job regardless of what position you hold. Next time you're at a party or event, hand out your cards to prospective clients to make a more memorable impression.

Network – If you're feeling stuck in your current position, don't settle. Instead, use networking to help you find a better job. Networking can take many forms, ranging from online to in-person. You can even use your current employer's personal network as a starting point if you're professional about it and have made a positive impression.

Update your resume – With LinkedIn, Monster and a variety of domestic agencies to recieve help from, there's no excuse for having a poor resume. Make sure you've updated yours on paper, as well as online, and that it's the right fit for the field you're in.

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