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4 tips to throwing the perfect holiday party: Part One

Throwing a holiday party can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. You're able to gather together all of your closest friends and family members while also cooking the food and desserts you love.

If, however, you've never thrown a holiday party before, it can be stressful. How do you make sure all the guests enjoy themselves? We have the advice you need to throw the best party of the year.

1. Pick out a theme

If you're throwing a Christmas party, why not create a theme for it? For example, you could have an ugly sweater party, a holiday movie marathon party or even a get-together that celebrates all of the holidays in December!

If you've never hosted a themed party, hire a personal assistant to help you out. He or she can think of different ideas to make your party stand out and gather all resources to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

2. Cook great food

If you're throwing a Hanukkah party, make sure you cook all the staple meals and desserts such as braised brisket with root vegetables,spiced apple-pear sauce, or sugar and spice doughnuts. All of these meals are not only tasty, they are based in tradition. If you're hosting a Christmas party, your meal choice may vary depending on your heritage.

To help you cook this holiday season, consider hiring a personal chef. This professional cook can create an elaborate spread that will ensure your guests don't go home hungry.

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