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4 Valentine’s Day craft ideas for nannies

Nannies always need more ideas to help them keep their charges occupied and entertained. For Valentine's Day there are a plethora of craft ideas that you can implement to keep the children in your care happy and help them celebrate this February holiday.

Use a few of these creative ideas to keep the kids entertained and encourage their creativity:

Baking cookies – Heart-shaped cookies can be a great treat for Valentine's Day. Pick up some heart-shaped cookie cutters and make sugar or other kinds of cookies with your charges, allowing them to decorate them however they want, with sprinkles, frosting and other delights.

Card holder – Creating a Valentine's Day card holder is a fun craft idea that can be approached in a variety of ways. From decorating an old shoe box to creating a holder design more to showcase the cards they receive, you can put together several card holders for them to decorate, or help them make one of their own.

Jewelry – Simple jewelry is another great craft idea for Valentine's Day. From friendship bracelets to more ornate ideas for older children, you can help them craft something to give to their parents or a special valentine in their class.

Valentine's Day cards – The most common craft idea for this special holiday is creating a variety of fun cards on their own. Even sitting down with a pile of construction paper and glue can provide them with a variety of options.

Nannying is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice any time of the year, but one of the most rewarding experiences in this field is helping the child you care for create something wonderful for the holidays. If you're looking for nanny jobs in Los Angeles, contact Colonial Domestic Agency.

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