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4 ways domestic workers fail to achieve proper work-life balance: Part 1

Being a professional is rewarding, but it's certainly not easy. Nurses are consistently under pressure to take care of loved ones, whether it be an elderly parent or young child. Housekeepers constantly have to keep dust from collecting in homes, which protects families from allergies. 

It's important to remind your staff that establishing a proper work-life balance is important. If you're not sure how to help them achieve such a balance, try to figure out what's preventing them from doing so. In part one of our two-part series, we explore two ways domestic workers prohibit themselves from finding harmony between their work and personal lives:

1. They don't set priorities
If you've established a set 9-to-5 schedule for your domestic crew and they constantly work more than they have to, this could be a red flag. While this may not bother your family, their late schedule may be disrupting their own lives and that of their family's. While American society often encourages and rewards hard work (which usually means working long hours), you need to ensure your staffers aren't overworking themselves at the expense of their own spouse or children. If that's the case, help them create an action plan to solve the problem. This may include, for example, helping them better set priorities by creating a daily and weekly planner. Or, it could involve issuing them fewer yet more important responsibilities, so they have a better chance of finishing their work. 

2. They're always stressed
No one should check into or out of work feeling stressed. Taxing days every once in a while are normal, but if your employees are always feeling like they're on their last legs, you need to step in. When you do so, you'll likely find their anxiety stems from a number of problems. For example, they may feel anxiety because there's dissension among workers. Or, you may discover that you're overworking your employee because you're actually the one who is disorganized! In this case, setting up a daily and weekly planner could help them reduce stress.

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