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4 ways domestic workers prevent themselves from achieving proper work-life balance: Part 2

Staff members have many responsibilities. They often have to juggle work life with their social and family affairs. In between cooking your family food, for example, they're acting as the chef for their own spouses and children. And when they're not driving you to work or your kids to school, they're driving their children there.

As you can see, being a domestic worker is a lot of work, which is why, as their employer, it's vital you emphasize the importance of proper work-life balance. In the final part of our two-part series, we explore two more ways domestic workers prevent themselves, sometimes accidently, from achieving this sort of harmony. 

1. They have interpersonal issues with coworkers
While most wish they could get along with all of their colleagues, that's simply not always possible. People have different opinions and personalities. Unfortunately, some of your staff members may have problems with others, which could stress them out. How does this prevent them from achieving a better work-life-balance, you ask? Simple: Stressed out employees can often bring their work issues into their personal lives. By stepping in as the mediator, you can help solve interpersonal issues and create a more harmonic working environment.

2. They don't take a break at work
Employers, in this case families, covet hard-working professionals. They love chefs who always create new meals. They love chauffeurs who always know their way efficiently around a city. And they love nannies who abide by a weekly planner. And while being a hard worker is an excellent trait to possess, families need to ensure their domestic staffers aren't overworking themselves. Remind employees to take mental breaks throughout the day, which will help them regain their composure.

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