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4 ways to improve your relationship with your domestic staff: Part Two

Don't let the loyalty of your domestic staff waiver. It's important to keep them upbeat and excited about going to work each day. In part one, we noted that if you're having issues with your staff, it's important to first call a team meeting and talk about any problems, along with solving setbacks, and recognizing important events such as birthdays and holidays.

1. Recognize greatness

If you manage a staff of personal chefs, recognize them for their great cooking. If you're constantly hosting guests at your home, have them rate each dish. The chef who has the highest rating at the end of the month earns a reward such as a day off, theater tickets, cooking classes or new supplies.

If you manage a variety of different staff members from housekeepers and chefs to chauffeurs and personal assistants, you could find a way to reward any worker who goes above and beyond his or her responsibilities each month.

2. Offer free training

Great personal chefs are always looking to improve their cooking. Personal assistants may want to take a businesses course to increase their knowledge of your industry. Chauffeurs may appreciate a quality safe-driving course to improve their confidence in rough weather. Providing your staff with training opportunities keeps them happy and increases the chances you retain them.

These are only a couple ways to keep your staff enthusiastic about their jobs. If you're looking for domestic jobs and to work with a domestic staffing agency, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!

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