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5 cold weather tips for nannies to take to heart

Los Angeles may not get much of colder weather, but not all nannies in LA will spend all of their time in sunny southern California. Preparing your  charges for the cold weather may not come naturally to a nanny who has spent their entire life in LA, but there are a few tricks to maximizing safety, comfort and health throughout the colder months, especially when vacationing or traveling up north.

From keeping track of additional winter clothing to packing the appropriate layers and toys for colder weather, nannies have more to keep track of in the winter. However, wearing winter coats does give you more pockets to stuff things into, which is always helpful. Below are a few of our tips for making the most out of colder weather and keeping your charges happy and entertained:

Always pack a warm drink – A warm drink, such as tea or hot cocoa is a great way to warm up after a day in the snow and cold. Packing the ingredient to make a warm beverage or having one ready in a thermos is a great backup plan when spending a day out and about or just an hour or two playing in the snow.

Dress them in layers – Children warm up much faster than adults in the snow and cold, especially when they play. Make sure to dress them in layers so that they don't overheat or sweat when outside. A long-sleeved shirt, sweater and jacket will often be more than enough unless you're in a particularly cold climate, where you might want to include another layer or two in addition to their outerwear.

Keep them busy – Keeping children busy and engaged is particularly important in the winter when they can't spend as much time outside and seasonal affect disorder is at its height. Make sure your charges are entertained, well rested and happy throughout the day to keep them on their best behavior.

No coats in the car – Wearing coats in the car is both uncomfortable and a potential danger, especially when your charges are still in a car seat. It's better to remove the coat and turn the heat up to stay warm, rather than have them in restrictive clothing that will make them cranky or potentially too large to fit comfortably in their seat.

Pack extra clothes – Always have an appropriate change of clothing around during the winter, especially pairs of socks, for both you and your charge. If they get wet, you'll want to get them into dry clothing quickly, and the feet are the most likely to become damp when playing in the snow.

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