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5 last-minute gift ideas for nannies

Want to get your young charge a present for the holidays but haven't had a chance to buy one yet, or have no idea what to get them? Despite the overabundance of toys, games and other sources of entertainment out there for children, shopping for them isn't always easy. As a nanny, you likely know your charge extremely well, but when it comes to giving them a gift you might need some help.

Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas that you can use this holiday season:

A classic book – Books are always amazing gifts, especially for younger children. Consider a classic storybook that they don't already own, such as Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Alice in Wonderland or Where the Wild Things Are. You can read them the story, or they can read it to you, and you'll have a great way to spend time with them after the holidays as well.

A day at the zoo – Giving a gift of an outing might not seem like much, but if your charge's days are usually full of school, chores and other tasks, gifting them a day at the zoo or the movies might be an amazing present. You can schedule it for a warmer month, or visit in the winter when the zoo is usually less crowded.

Learning-focused toys – Toys focused on learning and education that are still fun are another gift idea that will foster creativity and intelligence in your charge but they'll love receiving. Building blocks, games like Bananagrams or Story Cubes and other learning-themed toys will provide hours of fun after the holidays.

Make it personal – Sometimes giving a more personalized gift is a better idea. If you're a crafty person you can make them a hat, quilt or other useful item, or if you're more artistic you could try drawing a picture of them or writing a song. Personalized gifts will have much more meaning, especially for older children who can appreciate it more immediately.

Two-person games – Another time-honored gift for nannies are two-person focused games that you can play with your charge. From chess to more recent games like Ninja Vs. Ninja, there are hundreds of thousands of amazing to choose from, and many which will scale with your charge's age to be fun for years to come.

The holidays aren't the only time when you might want to give a gift to your charge, and this list is equally applicable to birthdays and other celebrations.

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