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5 most important things to keep in mind when hiring a chauffeur

Hiring a personal driver in Los Angeles can help take the stress and strife out of daily commuting and travel, but you also want to make sure you hire the right driver for the job. A chauffeur has to be more than skilled behind the wheel, they also have to have a very specific set of talents that distinguish them both on the road and as a member of your household staff.

In order to assess whether or not a chauffeur will fit into your lifestyle properly, make sure to keep several of these factors in mind and ensure that each applicant has these traits before even interviewing them. These skills include:

Clean driving record – It generally goes without saying, but the primary thing you should look for in any private chauffeur is a relatively clean driving record. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, so don't automatically discount someone with one or two behind them, but make sure to ask about the details, who's fault the incident was and keep in mind extenuating circumstances. However, make sure to avoid drivers with speeding tickets and other serious infractions in their past.

Local experience – Hiring a driving who knows the areas you frequently travel in is also a major plus. Someone who grew up in the area, or previously worked there, will know the streets better than someone from outside with a better driving history, so weigh local knowledge against the other factors to consider carefully.

Proper dress and grooming – Your chauffeur is an extension of yourself, and as such should convey the same etiquette and standards you hold yourself to. You can state this expectation to them early on, but you will also want to focus on hiring someone who already fits your demands before they are stated, who shows up to the interview impeccably dressed and groomed. This will be someone who will be tidy and punctual from day to day as well.

Reputation for safety – In addition to a clean driving record, make sure to look into your potential driver's past employment, discussing their safety habits with previous employers. Hiring someone who has a reputation for safety will ensure you're putting your life into capable hands.

Security background – Another consideration for a personal driver is someone with a background in security or bodyguard work. A chauffeur can double as personal security at any time, so hiring someone with military experience, or a job history that includes security work, can be highly beneficial.

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