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5 reasons to become a nanny in LA

Nanny jobs in Los Angeles can offer lucrative opportunities for personal growth, as well as allow you to take on an important role in the growth and well-being of a child. By taking on such an important position, you are not only accepting the responsibility of helping to raise a child, but also helping to shape the future. This is a lofty purpose for such a time-honored career path, and requires a certain type of person to fill this role.

There are many reasons to become a nanny. If you feel that you have what it takes to become a caregiver to a child, consider some of these deciding factors:

Constant human interaction – For those that prefer jobs working closely with others there is no career that fits this description as well as being a nanny. Outside of naptime, your day is a constant barrage of human interaction with your charge, which is a blessing for those that enjoy this level of engagement.

Consistency – Unlike being a teacher, as a nanny you will interact with the same child over a long period of time, which provides consistency in addition to the other benefits of being a child educator. This is highly valued by many nannies who prefer the emotional attachment to their charges to the necessary level of clinical detachment of a teacher.

Job variety – Being a nanny takes a special kind of person, and one that enjoys wearing many hats. Nannies are part educator, part nurse, part chef, part coach and part bodyguard. Learning how to balance these roles is an important part of the job, and it also helps you to develop a wide variety of skill sets that can be used later in life.

Play time – For many, the opportunity to engage is children's games is also a major advantage of being a nanny. Those who enjoy playing with children on a regular basis will blossom in this field, and be able to act on "childish" impulses that might be frowned upon in other lines of work.

Spending time with children – One of the main benefits of being a nanny is the job itself. The opportunity to spend time with children can be priceless. Children have a unique outlook on life that can often make you reconsider your own, and an innocence that can be both refreshing and enlivening to be around for extended periods of time.

If you're considering becoming a nanny and these driving aspects of the career appeal to you, contact Colonial Domestic Agency for assistance finding a family in need of your services.

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