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6 things nannies should be prepared for if parents work from home: Part Two

Caring for children whose parents work from home can be challenging for nannies if they've never done it before. Inevitably, there are certain issues they'll face, and they'll have to know how to properly manage them.

In the final part of our two-part series, we explore a couple more problems and how to solve them:

1. Parents working in various rooms

Some parents work in a home office, while others use an office but also work in various parts of the home. It's important nannies understand how parents work before they take the job. During the hiring process, nannies must let parents know it may be difficult to keep kids quiet if, for example, the family room is off limits. 

2. Parents not always present

Nannies must establish trust with the parents and children early on. If parents work from home, but consistently leave to do errands throughout the day, they won't always be present to handle certain situations. In fact, while nannies are working, parents should never handle situations unless it's an emergency.

3. Poor communication with parents

Nannies will find that caring for children whose parents work in a conventional office is much different than caring for children whose parents work from home. To make life easier, nannies need to always have open and honest communication with the parents beyond the hiring process.

This kind of dialogue will ensure the children are well-cared for and respect the nanny's authority.

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