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9 questions you must ask during your interview: Part 3

An interview is a great way to not only figure out more details about the family you could be working for, but also a chance to position yourself as a strong candidate.  As we close out our three part series, we examine ways to help you do just that.

1. Is there anything about my qualifications I could go into more detail about?

Forbes says asking this question is "gutsy" and "you'll show you're confident in your skills and abilities." It also gives you the chance to go into more detail about a subject with the staffing agency or family that they may be intrigued about. It's a great way to appear strong, positive and certain about yourself. 

2 If offered, the position, how would I collaborate with my employer/other household staff?

Asking this question accomplishes two things. First, it allows you to learn more about the position. If you're a nanny will you have the occasional freedom to plan your own activities? If you're a chef, can you throw in a couple of your original meals throughout the week? Depending on the position, it also shows initiative because you're informing the staffing agency and family you're a team player without him or her asking it first. 

3. What does a typical day on the job look like?

This question is simple, but it's the perfect way to launch into a discussion about how your background meets the job's requirements. If you're a housekeeper, how many rooms are you expected to clean during each visit? If you're a houseman, how does your day of cleaning, repairing and fueling vehicles break down?

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