9 tips to plan a relaxing family vacation this fall: Part One

While we're still a few months away, the end of the year is quickly closing in. That means deadlines have to be met, and you'll likely have less time to plan a family vacation.

That's where your personal assistant can step in. Personal assistants hired by Colonial Domestic are adept at planning events and can easily help you arrange your next getaway.

In part one of our three-part series we explore three ways your personal assistant can plan the perfect family vacation.

1. Plan and research

Your personal assistant should never stop researching  destinations and your family should keep coming up with fun things to do on the trip. Make sure you work with your personal assistant and inform them about what you hope to see and accomplish. Do you want to visit a lot of historic museums? Or are you more focused on trying the city's cuisine? 

2. Visit less popular destinations

Autumn is best known for its pleasant weather and changing leaves. However, sometimes what isn't so pleasant is traveling to go see them. Many areas in northern states can be a haven for foliage seekers hoping to get a glimpse of the Northeast during fall's peak season. 

3. Think about you and your spouse

When planning a vacation for your family, you're likely to get caught up in activities that involve everyone. While that's important, it's also crucial that you put aside time for you and your spouse. If your personal assistant is accompanying you, ask that they take the kids for an evening or two so you and your significant other can enjoy a show or a romantic dinner under the moonlight.

If you're looking to hire a personal assistant, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!

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