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9 ways to maximize the time you spend with family: Part One

A Bureau of Labor Statistics survey indicated men only spend slightly less time than women on household chores. What does this indicate? Both parents work around the clock to keep their house home in order, which means they have less time to hang out with their kids. In part one of our three-part series, we examine how you can better take advantage of the time you have so you can spend more of it with your family.

1. Prioritize chores

Create a checklist and prioritize chores. This will help save time. For example, instead of washing laundry five out of the seven days a week, designate one or two days as "laundry day." Or, if cleaning dishes takes a lot of time, delegate these responsibilities to different family members.

2. Organize your house

Somewhere under those piles of clothes and old magazines is a board game or a movie. The last thing parents want to do is rummage through clutter on family night.

3. Hire a nanny

Let's say you're making three different dinners every night because your spouse gets home late from work, your youngest child plays Little League and your teenager is at football practice. You feel like you're constantly prepping, cooking and cleaning. A nanny can take care of this so you can attend your child's activities and games, as well as enjoy some quality time with your spouse.

Hiring a nanny allows you to spend more time with your family. If you're looking for nanny jobs or are interested in hiring a nanny, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!  

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