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British royals remain loyal to current nanny

In most ways, Prince William and Kate Middleton have different lives than average folk. In one big way, however, these British Royals are exactly like everybody else: when hiring a nanny, they want somebody they know will be able to fit into their lifestyle, and will do a great job helping them raise their children. 

For this reason, they've happily announced that Maria Borrallo will be the nanny for the baby they have on the way. Borrallo is a perfect fit for the role, having filled it for the couple's first child, 2-year-old Prince George. She came extremely highly qualified and graduated from the prestigious Norland College in Bath, well-renowned for its ability to train exceptional nannies. Students there train for three years before earning a diploma, learning everything from defensive driving skills to managing security protocols. In fact, the nannies Norland produces are so perfect it is affectionately dubbed the "Mary Poppins School."

Royal commentator Victoria Murphy, speaking to ABC News, gushed about the relationship that Middleton and Borrallo have been able to forge. 

"We know that she has become very close to Kate since she started working with her," Murphy said. "They spent a lot of time together. Other than his parents, Prince George's nanny is the person who knows him best in the whole world and who's closest to him. And she has a lovely bond with George."

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