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Cancer survivor helps mothers with the illness through nanny service

Raising children isn't an easy task especially when you're facing a devastating illness like cancer. Audrey Guth, a cancer survivor with a background as a nanny, aims to make these troubles a little easier. Guth founded Nanny Angel Network (NAN), a nonprofit that provides free in-home childcare for mothers who have cancer, back in 2008. Since it's founding, the organization has helped over 300 mothers in the Toronto area.

After Guth went through her own treatments, she realized how devastating the illness can be, especially for mothers. She would often see young children in the doctors office with their moms because these parents had no other options for childcare. In addition to bringing kids along to their appointments, many mothers realize that they are simply too tired or sick to give their children proper care when enduring chemotherapy.

This is where Guth's team comes into play. A designated "nanny angel" is assigned to each family to watch over children when their mother is too unwell to do so.

"We bake cookies and cakes. When it's warm, we walk to the park. (We) play board games, read books," Ruth Van Es, a cancer survivor who now works as a nanny for NAN, tells CNN. "The main thing is to keep their minds off of the cancer and what is happening to mum. I feel like Mary Poppins."

As you can see, being a nanny is a truly rewording career and allows you to help parents and children who truly need it the most. If you are interested in continuing with this wonderful profession, be sure to register with Colonial Domestic Agency. Our services will allow you to make a positive difference in the life of others.

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