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Cooking with tofu: Why experience will help

Tofu has long been a major vegetarian and vegan staple, and even today, chefs may need to know how to cook it to please their customers. As a homeowner, you may need to fill private chef jobs to get the meals you want, depending on what diet you prefer. While tofu isn’t necessarily hard to cook with, some experience helps, especially when it comes to knowing the best recipes.

As a substance, tofu requires attention to both consistency and flavor. Although it’s been used as a meat substitute many times, tofu doesn’t cook the same way. For one, it’s technically already processed, and doesn’t handle like raw meat. Before it’s cooked, it needs to be refrigerated, drained and treated correctly so it cooks well. This includes pressing the tofu, coating it and dressing it with the right ingredients.

Delish gave some other advice for cooking with tofu. Using the right cooking oil and appropriate temperature will also impact how the tofu comes out. Those who’ve cooked with tofu before will have the experience to know what works, as well as what ingredients are most cost-effective and efficient for a house budget.

That’s important because some people may assume that tofu is going to be more expensive than their average meals. Actually, according to the U.S. News & World Report, the average cost of tofu per pound is dollars lower than that of boneless pork, chicken or steak. Choice artisanal tofu can be more expensive but still cheaper in the long run than the carnivore’s version.

Draft real cooking talent when it’s time to revitalize your diet. Hiring a personal chef will help you get the culinary support you need to start eating the way you want.

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