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Does your nanny need cooking lessons?

In today's busy life, fast food is the meal of choice for many families. However, teaching your children healthy eating habits is very important and can set the stage for their adult life. This is one of the reasons why Marc Leandro and Mark Boquist, former personal chefs for big names such as the chairman of J. Crew and Steve Madden, founded their new company marc&mark. The nanny-consulting service teaches professional nannies how to cook healthy and nutritious meals for children, a task you may know is easier said than done.

"In our experience, so many city kids already eat an interesting diet, and we want to make it better," Leandro told The New York Times. "But if a kid is in a mac-and-cheese phase, we also want to help them out of it."

The service begins with a consultation, where parents are encouraged to detail their children's eating habits. After the consultation, nanny counselors create a cookbook with 20 to 30 customized recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Nannies then participate in a hands-on cooking demonstration with Leandro and Boquist at the comfort of their own New York City work place. During the lessons, the duo teaches nannies essential tips, such as how to select fresh produce and recognize the difference between organic and inorganic items.

If you're looking for the right nanny in New York City to take care of and cook healthy meals for your children, turn to the Colonial Domestic Agency. We ensure that our candidates have experience in their field and also boast important skills like cooking.

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