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Establishing your personal chef niche

As a personal chef, it's important to have some base knowledge about different types of cooking, but it's also important to have some extensive experience in one or two specific cuisines. Although it may seem counterintuitive, narrowing your focus and selecting a niche may increase your marketability and make you more attractive to potential employers. 

Know your market

If you plan on doing the majority of your work in a particular area, you should know the types of food that its residents typically eat. Are they predominately vegetarian or concerned about heath-conscious and organic foods? You should check out the local grocery stores and restaurants and ask about the most popular foods that are sold and meals that are served. 

In addition the types of food that they eat, you should learn about who the people in your market are as well. While you visit stores and restaurants, make a note of the types of individuals that you see. Are they busy parents buying lots of food in bulk, or young professionals ordering prepared meals from the deli counter?

Continue your education

Once you decide on the type of food you will focus on, it is important to educate yourself on this type of cuisine. Your clients will not probably not appreciate you rotating the same few meals, so you should take classes and study cookbooks to have a more diverse range of skills. 

If you are an experienced personal chef looking to expand your client base, consider employing the services of Colonial Domestic Agency. Our counselors may be able to match you with employers who are interested in your skills. 

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