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Estate managers: How to choose the right carpet cleaning company

As an estate manager, it's almost certain that you are responsible for vetting and organizing household service providers, whether they be contractors or carpet cleaners. When choosing a vendor for such services, particularly if the property you are managing is historic, it is doubly important to do your research.

Antique carpeting needs professional maintenance to remain in pristine condition, but even new carpets must be cleaned regularly by experienced individuals. Selecting a cut-rate service will likely mean that the carpet's lifespan is significantly reduced. But what factors should you consider when shopping for a carpet cleaning vendor? Here are two tips to guide you:

  • Look for an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification seal (IICRC). These businesses must employ only certified cleaners and adhere to rigorous operational standards. According to the organization's website, the IICRC endorses only businesses that are honest, employ highly trained individuals, maintain liability insurance and agree to periodic reviews of their service.
  • Meet a company representative in person. Never settle for a quote sight unseen. Instead, arrange an in-home meeting with the company you're considering and ask poignant questions about that business's expertise and specialties, if any. This will also allow you to tour the property with the representative and receive a more accurate estimate of the cost and a better understanding of their ability to clean the types of carpet in your principal's property.

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