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Former White House personal chef reveals favorite holiday dishes

Chef John Moeller showcased his culinary flair in the White House for 13 holiday seasons, and now the professional chef shares his cooking tips in his new book titled "Dining at the White House – From the President's Table to Yours." Moeller recently took time to reveal his hosting secrets to

Throughout his time as a personal chef, Moeller served the families and friends of presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. The holiday season was evidently the busiest, as at times the chefs in the White House served an average of 20,000 people in just a three-week span.

Each first family had their own unique tastes. Moeller reveals that President Bush, both senior and junior, enjoyed hearty meat and potatoes, so he often cooked platters of sliced filet mignon and fresh biscuits. The Clintons, on the other hand, favored a modern meal of smoked salmon, California rolls and ginger-marinated vegetables. Sometimes the Clintons would request southern favorites to correspond to their Arkansas roots, as Moeller told the news source that Chelsea Clinton was a big fan of his sweet potatoes.

"The toughest part was writing all these menus," Moeller told "You're constantly looking for inspiration everywhere — while watching something on TV, having dinner, looking in a magazine. I was always on the hunt for a different way to cut a vegetable or find an interesting combination of flavor."

Being a personal chef is rewarding career, challenging you to think outside of the box to not only create delicious meals, but present them in an innovative way. If you want to further your career in the domestic service industry, register with Colonial Domestic Agency.

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