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Get to know typical Orange County cuisine in your own home

What’s better than being able to make any food in your own home? Having someone else to do it for you, for a start. Each region has a dish that best sums it up, and you may have your own opinion about what that is. In Orange County, a chef that knows local cuisine can bring that to you whenever you want.

When you hire a personal chef with their own local experience, though, you get the services of someone who knows the area well and can give you a great sample of what it has to offer. This may be a great service whether you’ve lived in Orange County for years or are just starting to get to know it.

In a column for Orange County Magazine, local answer man Chris Jepsen said that the unique fusion of local restaurant Dos Chinos, combining Vietnamese and Mexican styles, reflects the area best. He also references “Cordelia Knott’s boysenberry pie” as a classic. These very different answers can give you some ideas to bring to a personal chef for your next meal.

A chef from Orange County may also know some of the best places to get fresh foods for your own dishes. This might work even when you want something that seems more like “comfort food.” The Orange County Register gave some previews of the food coming to the local OC Fair, from July 15 to August 14.

These include a bacon cheddar brat burger from Tasti Burger and the decadent-looking “S’moreo” from Texas Donut. Tell your chef about some of the things you’ve eaten and they could be able to help you replicate them at home.

Find a personal chef for hire when you need extra help preparing great meals in the kitchen. There’s so much more than just knowledge that goes into making a great meal, and local flavor is one of those things that can’t be faked.

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