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Giada de Laurentiis shares tips for chefs

Although small in stature, chef Giada de Laurentiis has scored super-sized success. De Laurentiis has a hit TV show, popular cookbooks and her first restaurant is set to open next month in Vegas. If you want to know the recipe to success, take a look at some of the pint-sized powerhouse's tips:

  • Create your own brand: De Laurentiis admits that she faced a lot of rejection early on in her career because of her size and gender. However, she learned to use these differences to her advantage. "Who I am is a part of my brand now, and being one of a kind helps me to stand out in a very full market. That is my best advice to people trying to enter any large marketplace – figure out what makes you special rather than trying to emulate other people's success," she tells The Globe and Mail.
  • Know when to say no: When de Laurentiis first began her career she found it difficult to say no to anything because she wanted to seize every opportunity. Although it is important to make the most out of the chances you get, sometimes it's best to say no in order to retain your happiness. After becoming a mom, de Laurentiis realized the importance of being selective.
  • Stock your pantry: A chef is only as good as the materials he or she uses. According to de Laurentiis, Every cook needs a "VIP"- a very important pantry. She recommends stocking up on dry pasta, sundried tomatoes, garlic, anchovy paste and other flavorings.

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