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“Green Revolution” becomes a culinary phenomenon

Vegetarianism boasts numerous health and environmental benefits, which is why many people across the globe are adhering to this diet. Both restaurant owners and personal chefs alike have been finding innovative ways to create a menu full of healthy veggies and rich grains. 

"Being truthful, it's hard to do eight courses when you've got yams and swedes in season and you're trying not to repeat yourself! For vegetables to taste as good as pan-fried scallops, for example, it's a test. You've got to work at it and also stay out of the way of the ingredient," chef Meredith Michael told the New Zealand Herald.

Are you a personal chef who is looking to innovatively take on the green culinary movement? The key to creating a filling meal out of limited resources is the incorporation of protein—a task that is easy to accomplish by preparing meat, but something that can often be a challenge when cooking without chicken or steak. Learn to add nuts and grains, which are also a healthy source of protein, to your gourmet meals. Like any meal, variety is the spice of life.

For instance, chef Des Harris uses grains consistently when preparing vegetarian meals in his restaurant, Clooney. When cooking items on his famous meatless menu, he incorporates five different types of grains and cooks them all separately to retain their individual tastes. Grains do not have to be monotonous or bland, evident by Harris's use of parsley butter to give his meals an exuberant kick.

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