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Handling charges that don’t speak the same language

One complication nannies in Los Angeles can occasionally encounter is having charges that don't speak English well, or at all. Nannying for non-English speaking families is more common, especially for those that have recently moved to the area because of the entertainment industry. These opportunities are excellent ways to expand your own knowledge and resume, however, and shouldn't be passed by simply because of a language barrier.

While learning some of your employer's native language is an obvious step in forming a closer bond with them, there are other ways a nanny can optimize her ability to care for children that don't speak English. Here are a few of our favorite methods for connecting with non-English speaking charges:

Learning songs – Teaching them songs in English is a good way to help children learn English faster, but a great way to connect with them is to learn those songs and others in their own language. Many nursery rhymes and songs have a version in nearly every language, while cultural children songs will also help a nanny learn more about the background of their employer's family. Counting songs are another great way to explore the language barrier.

Playing games – Learning some of their cultural children games and teaching them your own is another amazing way to connect with non-English charges and improve communication. Many children's games are language and learning based, providing a great foundation for teaching. Some games include things like "I Spy" or "Show Me."

Nannies need to have a wide variety of skills in order to tackle the admirable job of caring for and teaching children. Colonial Domestic Agency can help aspiring nannies in LA find a family that most needs those skills.

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