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High profile real-estate listing makes waves in Connecticut

Greenwich, Connecticut, has long been viewed as one of the most exclusive towns in the country. Located just 26 miles from New York City, the area has played host to wealthy tycoons looking for a country estate outside of the crowds of Manhattan. More recently, it has become a magnet for hedge funds, with many of these high-stakes investment firms moving from their New York offices to this former bedroom community.

The mix of history and economic activity has kept Greenwich in the forefront of East Coast culture, with the town having weathered the financial crisis fairly well. Perhaps one of the most telltale signs of this progress is a high profile real estate listing that’s been making headlines all week. Recently, Copper Beech Farm, a waterfront estate built on 50 acres in the area called Mead’s Point garnered the highest list price for a private residence in the United States, valued at $190 million.

Of course, it’s not just waterfront property for that kind of money. The mansion, which was built in 1898, boasts 12 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, grass tennis courts, a pool, gatehouse and – most incredibly – two offshore islands. It was originally owned by George Lauder, steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie’s cousin, who served as his financial advisor and was an engineer and industrialist as well. He moved into the house with his wife when he retired in 1902.

After that, his daughter Harriet Lauder-Greenway and her husband James moved in, and lived there until they sold the home to John Rudey, who made his fortune from timber, in 1985.

The house includes full staff quarters on the third floor, as well as a dumb waiter and original kitchen in the basement. Whatever the final price is, whoever buys the property is going to have to hire an estate manager right away, since taking care of an estate this large alone is simply not an option. If you are seeking an estate manager for your property, Colonial Domestic Agency has a number of experienced recommendations in the New York area for your review.

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