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Hiring a nanny takes pressure off of grandparents

Being a grandparent is a special role. While grandparents often spoil their grandchildren, they also give them abundant love. However, in today's day and age, parents are so busy that grandparents often become the caregiver or nanny while their son or daughter is at work.

The responsibility of caring for your child shouldn't necessarily have to fall on your elderly parents, especially if they didn't volunteer their time in the first place. In spite of contrary belief, your aging parents do have their own routine and responsibilities. Not to mention, some older parents are not physically able to watch over your kids and may have trouble reacting if there's an emergency situation.

"I love my granddaughter, but we're retired and really don't want to start raising another family. It's exhausting," writes "Exhausted Gran" on "We are active volunteers and have already given up several activities that we enjoy to accommodate their schedules, and we are hesitant to take a trip because that would place the burden of baby-sitting on my sister."

Although it's unfair to put these extra responsibilities on your child's grandparents, many moms and dads work odd hours making it impossible to put children in daycare. A great solution to this problem is to hire a full-time nanny from a domestic agency.

At Colonial Domestic Agency, we'll match you up with an experienced and skilled nanny to help take care of your children. Not only can you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your children are safe and sound, but your parents can get back to doing what they do best: Spoiling their grandchildren!

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