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Housekeepers do more than make your life easier

A housekeeper is an invaluable asset for homeowners in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Whether your house is worth $12 million or $400,000, having a housekeeper brings more than just ease of life – they can also help keep the value of your property up.

But a home is more than just an investment – it's where you live. Even people who travel often want their home kept in tip-top shape year-round. An unattended home can result in dust settling and damage being caused by weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Having a housekeeper in LA can minimize these problems by cleaning regularly, ensuring that repairs are kept up-to-date and even protecting a home from a break-in should you have to be away for an extended period of time.

You can rely on a housekeeper for many other tasks as well, such as coordinating contractors for plumbing, electrical and yard work, restocking your pantry or even putting out fresh linens before you arrive after an extended stay away. According to The Boston Globe, homeowners in Nantucket have valued these services for years, but these benefits aren't restricted to the East Coast. 

It's also important to remember that a relationship with a housekeeper can be  personal as well as professional. A live-in housekeeper can let you know when appliances may need to be replaced, offer advice on repairs or remodeling and help out with many other household tasks of a more personal nature – such as decorating.

For those looking to bring on a housekeeper and start reaping these benefits, Colonial Domestic Agency can place you with the right person for you and your home.

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