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How much notice should a leaving nanny give?

Whether you're relocating because of a spouse or have been offered another job, giving notice and leaving your nanny position can be difficult for everyone involved. Leaving a child care job involves more than just tying up a few loose ends and packing up your desk. You have most likely developed a deep emotional relationship with the children and family that you serve and the transition for both parties can be hard to manage. If you are going to leave your nanny job, it is important to be honest with your employer and keep him or her abreast of your plans. 

A standard notice period for the business world is two weeks, and you may have already agreed to that when you were first hired, but if possible you should allow for more time. As you may remember from your own hiring process, finding a good nanny takes a long time — sometimes several months. Quitting abruptly will leave a family scrambling to find a babysitter or a daycare center. Unless your situation is dire or urgent, give your employer enough time to develop a transition plan. 

A nanny who has given her notice should be prepared for the possibility that the family may terminate your employment immediately. They may also hire someone else during your notice period and ask you to leave earlier than you expected. Most employers, however, will want to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Remember that it is always important to leave an employer on good terms. If you find yourself looking for a domestic position again, you will need good references to find employment. 

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