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How to get kids to eat healthy

As a nanny, it's part of your duty to ensure that the children you watch over are happy and healthy. If you're like most nannies, it's often a chore to get little ones to eat their fruits and vegetables.

"Duking it out over eating veggies is one of the challenges of caring for a child," writes Alison Pipkalejs of "You have to stand your ground. You have to be the boss no matter what because if you give a kid an inch, they'll take a mile. Cliché? Maybe. 100% true? Absolutely."

Pipkalejs recently spelled out some important tips to adhere to when dealing with a picky eater. Take a look at the helpful hints below.

  • Hide vegetables into a meal: Sometimes kids don't even know they're eating vegetables. It's easy to sneak these healthy items into a meal by blending or mashing them. Chances are, children will enjoy these dishes without even realizing they're good for them!
  • Make snack time healthy: It's right before dinner time and the little ones are begging for a snack. We've all been there. Instead of reaching for cookies or crackers, offer them fruit. If they're really starving, they'll eat the healthy snacks without any complaints.
  • No dessert: Since dessert is a treat, make a deal with the kids you watch over. If they don't eat their veggies, they don't get dessert.

Even though it may be difficult to feed children vegetables, being a nanny can truly be a rewarding career. If you're looking for a new position as a Los Angeles nanny, be sure to contact Colonial Domestic Agency!

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