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How to get out of a job rut

Are you stuck in a job that you can’t stand?  It’s difficult to remain positive when you’re dealing with a demanding or low-paying position. In fact, some people may even find it hard to get out of bed in the morning. However, it’s important to look on the bright side and remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. Your career is a work in progress, as long as you keep at it!

Take a look at some helpful ways to get out of a job rut:

  • Look forward to the future: “Sometimes in the repetitive routine of the workday, it’s difficult to remember how often things are constantly changing in your life,” writes Katy Reddin of The Muse. “Even if it’s making you utterly miserable, remember that this is just one job in your long career path ahead. Think of it as a temporary stepping-stone to your next opportunity, rather than a cubicle that will trap you for the rest of your days.”
  • Make plans: Everyone dreads Monday mornings, especially if their work week is miserable. Give yourself something to look forward to by making dinner plans with your friends or signing up for a new fitness class after work. Your weeks will go by faster when you’re having fun!
  • Put your best foot forward: Instead of standing still, try actively looking for a new position. Attend networking events or use social media to help forward your career!

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