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How to get ready for spring cleaning

Spring cleaning on the West Coast is much different than it is in colder areas of the country. In the spring, many parts of the U.S. are digging out of the snow, which is something others in more warmer climates don't have to deal with. Still, while the circumstances are different, the concept is still the same. At some point, everyone everywhere has to clean their homes, and typically that takes place in the spring. Hence, the name "spring cleaning."

To help you get ready, we've compiled a list of ways to make the process less stressful and actually, possibly, more enjoyable:

1. Hire a housekeeper
Not many people can keep their homes spotless all year. Sure, we go through clean sprees, but it's hard to keep this kind of momentum going. There is, however, a set of professionals who can accomplish this: housekeepers. Housekeepers ensure that every part of your home, from the master bedroom to the downstairs bathroom, look like new. You'll never feel ashamed to invite friends and family over again.

2. Hire a nanny
Spring cleaning is a lot of work. It can also be stressful if you don't hire a housekeeper, especially if you have kids. It's not easy to watch them when you're clearing out your basement or attic, and they really shouldn't be left alone. While you're cleaning, a nanny can take your kids to the park or the movies.

3. Hire a chauffeur
Let's be honest, you're going to need a night out on the town after you're done with your spring cleaning. Hire a chauffeur to take you, your spouse (and hey, why not, your housekeeper too) out to a fancy restaurant, a comedy show or a theater play.

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