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How to make your resume stand out as a nanny

It's important that a nanny properly portrays herself through her resume. While it's often difficult to do, it could be the difference between earning a family's trust or continuing the job search. Here are some tips to help you stand out to domestic staffing agencies and families: 

1.  Focus on keywords

Keywords are a very important part of a resume. Staffing agencies may employ Applicant Tracking Systems, which automatically scan resumes for words related to the job. Nannies should use words that showcase their well-rounded skill set. The following words, as well as similar phrases, look great on a nanny's resume:

  • Committed
  • Dependable
  • Creative
  • Prepare healthy meals
  • CPR & First Aid Trained/Certified
  • Organized
  • Educated
  • Flexible

2. Proper formatting and information is key

Write your resume as if you were in a parent's shoes. How would you want to see the information displayed? If you have a long list of certifications and training, you'll want to place this closer to the top of your resume. If you display a well-rounded background that includes being creative, patient and organized, you want to clearly display this information in three to four bullet points per position.

3.  Include certifications and training

Have you completed First Aid and CPR training? What about a Water Safety Certification, which  is offered by the American Red Cross and YMCA? You could even become a Newborn Care Specialist through the Newborn Care Specialist Association. Due to their importance and ability to ease any trepidations a family might have in hiring a nanny, these courses and certificates should be listed at the top of your resume.

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