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Is it time to quit your job?

In a dream world we'd all be working positions that make us feel fulfilled and happy, but in reality this is not always the case. However, just because we don't live in a fantasy, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be consistently unhappy at your place of employment. Here are three signs indicating that it may be time to quit your position and move on to greener pastures:

  • Lack of passion: Although most people don't want to get out of bed in the morning, when you realize that you are feeling a lack of passion everyday, then it's time to move on. Perhaps you have a disrespectful boss, or you feel that the work you do is unchallenging. Either way, it's important to find your true passion in life.
  • Uncontrollable stress: Life is too short to be constantly stressed. "[If] the work, people or culture is unhealthy and has a negative impact on you physically and mentally [then it's time to quit your job]," writes Teri Hockett, chief executive of career site What's For Work. "The stress is present both inside and outside of work; it's consuming. Your family and friends are affected by this, too."
  • You're unappreciated: Do you feel like you're underpaid or generally unappreciated? It's difficult to put your best foot forward when you are not appreciated for the hard work you do.

At Colonial Domestic Agency, our job is to help you find a great position within the domestic service industry. Whether you want to advance your career as a personal chef or want to find a new position as a nanny or housekeeper, we can assist you! Be sure to register with us today to follow your true aspirations!

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