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Loyal housekeeper serves family for over 50 years

It's rare that we form such a bond with an employee that we consider him or her family, but this is the norm for Helen and Bob Ellington of Burlington, North Carolina. Their relationship with their housekeeper, Maggielean "Maggie" Woods Lee, was featured in a recent article in the Burlington Times-News.

Maggielean, now 88, began working for the Ellingtons over 50 years ago after the birth of her fourth child. Her duties included not only housekeeping, but taking care of the Ellington's four children. Both parents had busy lives, as Bob was a physician and Helen volunteered for several local organizations.

The Ellingtons and Maggielean share the same number of children and grandchildren, and both employer and employee have attended the each other's important family events. They have also consoled each other during tragic events like death and sickness.

Maggielean has been a source of stability for the Ellingtons for the duration of her employment. They have given her two parties to celebrate her hard work – one after 35 years of employment, and another at 50 years. "She's been a positive influence of tranquility, with a dose of good common sense," Helen said to the Times-News. "She's just unflappable. There's never been a rise in her voice — it's always steady. I admire that."

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