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Men can be nannies too

While many people traditionally associate domestic staffing positions like a nanny as a "woman's job," some experts are calling for more men within the industry as well. The Fatherhood Institute, based in the U.K., recently published a letter calling for a focus on opportunities for men within the child care industry, from early childhood education to nannying.

"We believe it is vital that careers guidance programs begin to appreciate and promote the substantial career opportunities available to boys and men in childcare and related professions," wrote Adrienne Burgess, joint chief executive officer of the Institute. "The benefits would be enormous: A more diverse workforce benefiting clients, the status of 'caring' raised, caring better paid and no longer seen as 'women's work' and more dads feeling comfortable engaging with their children and with services."

In fact, research cited by the institute notes that about 25 percent of boys aged 14 to 15 have an interest in child care-related professions. However, men make up only 2 percent of the industry and career counseling rarely includes child care roles for men.

There could be many benefits associated with hiring a male nanny as well. It can offer a different perspective for children since male nannies possess different strengths and weaknesses than a female nanny offers. This can be particularly ideal in a single-parent household in Los Angeles. Some families may even consider hiring both a male and female nanny to capitalize on the potential.

For men interested in nanny jobs in LA, or families looking to hire a male caregiver for their child, Colonial Domestic Agency can help. Our placement services will pair the right nanny up with a family based on preferences and regardless of gender if it isn't specified.

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