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Mother shares heartfelt letter to daughter’s nanny

It's easy to feel apprehensive about having someone else watch over your child, especially if you're a new parent. Recently, in an article for the Huffington Post titled "Dear Nanny," Jessica Pallay, editor of Well Rounded NY, a website that helps women navigate motherhood in the city, explained how her initial uneasiness grew into a deep appreciation for her nanny.

"As the weeks and months wore on, I watched [my daughter] melt into your warm embrace each morning. I heard the sweet giggles you shared while I got ready for work, and witnessed the knowing glances you exchanged at the end of the day," Pallay wrote. "It turned out that hiring a nanny didn't mean she was losing me. It meant she was gaining you."

Pallay's initial fear was that her young daughter was going to forget all about her when she went off to work. Instead, her nanny assured her that the two caretakers each play a special, but separate, role in her child's growth and development, recognizing that nothing compares to the love of a mother.

Not only was Pallay's nanny there to take care of her daughter, she helped support the entire family. In the essay, Pallay even calls her the "glue" that helped hold her family together. When she would return from work, Pallay often found her nanny surprising the family with home-cooked dinners. Read more of the heartfelt letter here.

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