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Nannies need to know more than just the basics

Currently, both parents work outside of the home in over 59 percent of American households. With demands from work, families are looking for skilled nannies to assist them in the home sector. In today's busy world, nannies no longer just watch over children, they are also taking a more active role in ensuring that the chores of the household are running smoothly.

"Once the decision to hire a nanny has been made, the question of 'Who is best for our family?' follows," reports Fox News. "Today's nannies must have more than kindness, patience, and punctuality; families are looking for unique characteristics that set a caregiver apart from all other applicants."

So what specific skills are parents looking for today? For starters, many parents no longer have time to prepare meals for their children, so they are looking for nannies who can also take on this task. And we are not just talking about your standard PB&J or grilled cheese sandwiches. Food revolutions and healthy diets have risen in popularity in recent years, including veganism and gluten-free meals.

For instance, the news source interviewed Bethany Hunter, a certified teacher who also has extensive experience as a nanny on both the East and West coasts. In addition to her typical caretaking role, she has also started a blog about the Vegan Food movement, where she details healthy recipes. She shares her wellness tips with children and families she works for.

Specializing in a certain skill, whether that be culinary or tutoring, can make you a more marketable nanny. Are you looking to market your skills in the domestic services industry? Register with Colonial Domestic Agency today!

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