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Nanny advice: 5 tips for traveling with children

If you're traveling with your employer for the holidays or a winter vacation afterward, there are a few things you should know about traveling with children. As a nanny, it's very possible that the parents will expect you to handle any problems and keep your young charge entertained for the trip. From easing car sickness to eliminating the woes of long flights with a bored child, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make any family trip less stressful and more enjoyable.

Here are a few of our top tips for improving long-distance travel with children:

Be prepared for bathroom trips – Small children will likely need to use the bathroom several times on any trip, whether it's a flight or a drive. Make sure you're prepared to help them, making the stops at appropriate times and being ready to assist with any bathroom needs for younger charges.

Bring toys – Keeping children entertained can make any long trip more manageable. Remember to pack plenty of books, toys and/or apps on your tablet or phone to keep up with their short attention spans and ensure they are happy while traveling. This will keep them from getting bored and ruining the trip for everyone else. Just make sure that reading or using a mobile device doesn't make them car sick.

Don't be afraid to rein them in – Keeping an eye on children at rest stops or in busy airports can be a challenge at the best of times, not to mention during holiday travels. Using a child harness or younger children or purchasing a child GPS can really help keep an eye on them and ensure they don't get lost. As the nanny it's your job to keep both eyes on them so make sure you're by their side at all times, especially during layovers or bathroom breaks.

Make sure there are snacks – Children will get hungry on any long trip, so as long as it's acceptable make sure you've packed some healthy snacks that will keep their bellies full and ward off misbehavior caused by hunger. Snacks will be an essential part of any travels, whether it's for you or your charge, so pack well.

Pack child medicine – From children's motion sickness medicine to any prescriptions, make sure you pack adequate supplies of any medicine the child you care for might need on a trip. Aspirin and nausea medication can be essential for making a trip less stressful, so remember to bring them along and pack extra in case the trip gets extended.

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