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Nanny impresses Adam Levine on NBC’s “The Voice”

Kat Perkins, a 33-year-old nanny from the Midwest, impressed celebrity coaches on this week's "The Voice" auditions with her rendition of "Gold Dust Woman."

During the show Perkins described how much she loves her job as a nanny and even took viewers inside the home she works for. To show off her musical talents and help the children foster their creativity, she often puts on performances with them and has even created an official band in which each child is a member.

Her performance received praise from the judges, with three out of four of them turning their chair around in hopes that they could be her mentor. When it came time to choose a coach, Perkins selected Adam Levine, frontman of the hit pop-rock band Maroon 5.

"Kat was my big score, because she's really great. I mean, that girl's going to go a lot further, I think, than we realize," Levine said, as reported by Yahoo TV.

This isn't Perkins' first brush with fame. In fact, she once performed in a band that opened op for Bon Jovi. This is, however, her first time venturing in to a solo career.

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