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Nanny tips: Avoiding injury on the job

Being a nanny may not seem like a dangerous profession, and for the most part, it isn't. It is important to remember, however, that every workplace has some hazards and risks. Cleaning, running after children and cooking, among other job responsibilities, can take a toll on your body. Paying attention to your own safety and and avoiding injuries is key to being a good childcare provider. 

Focusing on ergonomics

Depending on the ages of the children whom you care for, your position as a nanny may involve a significant amount of lifting. You should always use proper technique — lifting from the legs — whenever you pick up a child, no matter what their weight. Avoid bending over to perform tasks, as this can put a strain on your back. Kneel or sit if you need to comfort a child, and if possible, bring objects that need to be cleaned or put away up to your level.

Keeping the house clean

Part of your job as a nanny is to clean up after your employer's children. This not only keeps the house tidy, but will also keep you and the children safe. Toys scattered on the floor can cause you to trip and fall. Make sure that hallways are clear and objects are not sticking out of bookshelves as cases. You should always watch your step even after you clean. 

Making sure you get plenty of rest

A tired nanny will not give her full attention to the child in her care, nor will she be on the lookout for dangers. You don't have to run around with your employers children all day. It is perfectly acceptable to take a few minutes to sit down and rest. Additionally, remember to get plenty of sleep when you're not working and take care of your body. 

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