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Nanny tips: Caring for multiples

As an experienced nanny, you may have come across an ad or two seeking a caregiver with twin or “multiple experience.” While you don’t necessarily need to have cared for twins previously to be a good nanny, this type of position does require skills that you may not have used as much in former jobs like dealing with multiple children with distinct personalities. We detail a few abilities that nannies of multiples must have below:


If one infant twin begins to cry, you can be sure that the other one will join in after a few seconds. What do you do? A skilled nanny will figure out the root of the problem and find a way to soothe both babies at the same times. This issue still exists with older children, as both will be fighting for your attention. You will have to convince them to take turns.

Prioritizing needs

You may find yourself in a situation in which one child is upset and crying, while the other is demanding that you read to him or her. In this moment, you will have to quickly asses which child needs your attention more. In addition, you must be prepare to deal with any anger from the kid who had to wait for you. You must remember to be polite and treat them lovingly.

Nannies who have worked for families with more than one child, but not necessarily of multiple birth, are good candidates for twin positions. It’s just important to be energetic have an even temperament.

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