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New service aims to alleviate stress of flying with children

The holidays are the busiest traveling days of the entire year, with people all over the globe flying to spend time with family and friends. From unpredictable weather to long security lines, taking a trip during this time of year can be extremely stressful – then try adding young children to the mix. Many children find long flights unpleasant since being forced to stay still for hours on a plane isn't an easy task for little ones (or adults for that matter).

"Flying with small children is a headache – and not just for the parent," reports Fast Company. "In fact, part of the stress of traveling with kids lies in the dread of knowing how much they can irritate other passengers."

The problem of flying with kids is so cumbersome that a Boston-based design firm is attempting to originate an idea called "Flight Nanny." Essentially, this service would allow parents to rent a helping hand for the duration of the flight. Although the idea seems promising, Fast Company believes that finding enough employees willing to travel can be time-consuming and expensive.

Let's face it, nannies are not just essential on flights – they are also needed on the duration of the vacation and likely also when you come back from your getaway as well. Hiring a nanny who you trust and is able to create a bond with your children is essentially priceless. Instead of just renting services for a flight, it is important to find a nanny who will stick with you for years. If you need help finding a nanny in Beverly Hills, Colonial Domestic Agency can be of assistance. 

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