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Nutrition tips from CC Sabathia’s personal chef

It's almost beach season, which means it's time to get your body in shape! In addition to working out, it's also important to eat right – a task that is a lot easier when you hire a personal chef. Recently, Chef J Maxell, the personal chef to Yankee's star pitcher CC Sabathia, took time to share his tips with AM New York. Take a look at some of the healthy guidelines:

  • Cut out unhealthy foods: "I'm a firm believer in that just by cutting out simple things, your body metabolism just changes. With Sabathia, it was cutting out all preservatives, carbs and doubling up on vegetables and protein to help his metabolism speed up," Maxwell tells the news source. "Once you cut out the carbs, eat lean meats like fish and chicken breast."
  • Snack healthy: There's nothing wrong with snacking, as long as you do so in moderation and the treats you choose to munch on are healthy. For instance, Sabathia loves parfaits. Maxwell mixes fresh fruit with non-fat Greek yogurt and then adds granola or flax seed for extra nutrition. You can even add some almonds for a mid-day energy boost!
  • Try a juice cleanse: The first week on the job, Maxwell suggested that Sabathia try a juice cleanse to detox his body. After the cleanse, the Yankee didn't crave unhealthy snacks as much as he once did. Maxwell slowly introduced solid veggies and lean proteins to his diet to build his muscles back up.

As you can see, a personal chef can help you adhere to your diet while creating tasty meals. If you're looking for a new chef, be sure to contact Colonial Domestic Agency

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