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Orange County chef showcases unique flavors.

One of the signs of a great chef is an expert knowledge of what others in the field are doing. Orange County’s different types of cuisine make it a great place for fusion and interesting experiments. The Los Angeles Times recently reported on one such unusual combination.

According to the source, Anepalco’s Café is the brainchild of Daniel Godinez, a chef who used to blend the tastes of French and Mexican dishes under one roof. While the effort was reportedly slow to start, it has grown in popularity, and Godinez has reportedly shifted away from the French element and is now focusing more on creative takes on Mexican food.  A future restaurant, El Mercado, is planned to offer “straight-up traditional dishes.”

Anyone hungering for their own taste of such dishes can bring their preferences to private chefs in Los Angeles. It might be impossible to replicate one specific chef’s style completely, but someone with culinary experience can at least point you in the right direction. Furthermore, a good chef may also have the skills needed to improvise and create the dishes you want.

You don’t have to find someone with just one set of experiences to expect great-tasting, locally sourced food. It all depends on the plan you lay out in the beginning, and the rules you establish with your new staff. Tacolipino, a Filipino-Mexican fusion restaurant in Carson, is another example of the interesting combinations that you can take cues from, according to Asian Journal.

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