Personal assistants serve as more than errand runners

Movies and television hype celebrity personal assistant jobs as errand runners, but the truth is that these individuals play a far more important role in their employer's lives. From serving as a secretary to a manager in many cases, personal assistants in LA help run the lives of their bosses while sometimes acting as confidants and advice givers as well. The better the connection, the more opportunities that an assistant has to become an invaluable asset to his or her employer.

Anyone can use a smartphone calendar, voice assistant and any number of productivity apps to keep track of their time, but assistants offer a personal touch, helping to better manage their boss's time and organizing their day to be more efficient, not just to make sure everything gets done. This frees up their employer to enjoy his or her time more and even sometimes catch a break during their hectic schedules.

Of course, not all personal assistants have a psychology degree or are able to act as security guards, but sometimes these roles fall onto them in small ways as well. Helping their employer navigate paparazzi or offering advice on shopping or life choices can often fall on a personal assistant's shoulders, which makes selecting one that matched up on a personal level so much more important.

For anyone looking to hire a personal assistant, Colonial Domestic Agency can help pair you up with the perfect person who will not only help you be more efficient and organized, but potentially become a good friend in the process. The agency also offers assistance hiring a personal chef, driver or housekeeper for those looking to round out their household and personal staff.

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