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Personal chef conference to be held August 22 to 25

Personal chefs looking to increase their skills or make more connections in the industry may want to consider attending the 2013 National Personal Chef Conference hosted by the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA). It will take place August 22 to 25 in Orlando, Florida.

In a press release, the USPCA said that “the Personal Chef Conference is designed to empower entrepreneurs in the cooking industry with classes and networking that help them craft their personal chef businesses. Personal chefs are practical economic solutions for busy professionals who do not have the time to prepare their own meals and do not want to constantly run up expensive restaurant bills.”

Attendees will have a wide range of courses and seminars to choose from, including learning how to make beer and using social media to market their business. Guest instructors and lecturers include motivational speaker Bob Allen, personal chef Del Sroufe and food photographers Tami Hardeman and Hélène Dujardin. Allen’s one-hour presentation will give attendees the opportunity to learn about how storytelling is a powerful tool to enhance business.

You can register for the conference at the website Registration is open to the public, but preferred pricing is only available to USPCA members. According to the USPCA, over 70 percent of America’s full-time personal chefs are members of the association.

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